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We have a brand new release from our REWORX series: REVIVAL, featuring remixes and trailerizations of iconic modern classics. From Kendrick Lamar to John Lennon, Audioslave and Swedish House Mafia, REVIVAL breathes new life into this distinguished body of work. Emotive orchestrations, intense driving percussion and unique signature sound design drive these reimagined classics. Perfect …



The first release from our REWORX series, featuring remixes of your favorites from our very own RAID: GALLANT. This epic collaboration between Robert Dudzic (RAID) and Elliott Daniels (Ascendancy, PRIME) combines intense driving percussion and brooding futuristic sound design to form this action packed album. Perfect for action/thriller and sci-fi campaigns — BPM and key …


Fetish Assault IV

14 new tracks of psychological horror mixed with cerebral.  This time we have organic and hybrid elements blended together giving new light to the series, while keeping what you love about the original albums.


Prime is a fun action EP that is a follow up to this past year’s Ascendancy release (Captain Marvel, Alita, The Expanse), consisting of six new tracks that range from sci-fi to modern action.


GALLANT is the fourth installment of the RAID series, combining intense driving percussion and brooding futuristic sound design to form this action-packed album. Unique custom field recordings created the foundation for this epic and powerful release.


Ascendancy is an epic orchestral masterpiece that can accompany a visual ass-kicking, but make you think “hey, we’re still having a good time”.

Fetish Assault III

Organic string and renaissance based horror. 15 new cues utilizing live cellos, violins, violas, upright basses and group vocal FX that blend into a perfect mix of unnerving tension.

King of Hearts

King of Hearts is a collection of hybrid fantasy and action adventure tracks. Beautiful orchestral beds, empowering ascending rises and action driven percussion beds mixed with a dose of awe and wonder.


Quantum is a blend of sci-fi cerebral, mixed with a share of brooding action/thriller. Everything has been designed from organic elements, all field recorded from scratch and built into bends, warps, and epic ominous brooding settings and FX. Minimal meets powerful.

Ashes Fall

Ashes Fall is a collection of slow-burning heroic cues for action/adventure campaigns. A mix of triumphant builds, grandiose backends, and epic crescendos.

Fetish Assault II

Fetish Assault 2 is a collection of sound design elements and full cues designed for Psychological Thriller and Action/Suspense campaigns. Cerebral textures, ominous atmospheres, abrasive FX’s, and gritty percussion make this release a must have.


G L I T C H is a 11 track release of the most hard hitting & vicious hybrid cuts to date. Lo-fi open intros, gritty leads, epic backends and swagger filled drum rhythms.

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